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Elite of the Russian-speaking Poetry XXI

╚AKME╩ - is from Greek akme - acme, peak, point, blossom, golden age.

What is our poetry magazine ⌠AKME■ for? It is both easy and difficult to give an answer. Vladimir Majakovsky said: ⌠If stars are lit, then somebody needs it■. We think ⌠AKME■ is somewhere near it.

We just try doing our best to make stars shine and to unite those who can bring light into this world. Among the poets we publish there are not only well-known, but also those who aren▓t famous yet. But we believe that it is only ⌠yet■.

We believe that Poetry is one of those means, which enable us to maintain the Beautiful and the Wisdom of the world.

Saying ⌠elite■ we mean the merit of the soul which is empowered to see more than it is allowed to see, which have the ability to concentrate the highest knowledge for making it available to others in the most delicate and beautiful, passionate and acute way┘


The poems published it our magazine are written by Russian-speaking poets from all over the world┘ Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, USA, Israel, Canada, Australia, Germany┘ However our aim is not only to make Russian poets more known, but also to build-up cultural bridges and connections between different countries via poetry. That is why we publish translations and info about foreign poets. Thus, we have already presented to the readers translations from French, Romanian, Hungarian, Finnish, Swedish, German, Macedonian languages and we are very much interested in continuing this list of languages and presentations.

Apart from verses we have several columns, they are not set once and forever, but depend on the individuality of each issue. However we would like to mention several of them:


⌠Symbols■. We take a symbol and give its story, its reflections in art, not in the least in modern poetry. Then we have ⌠Story of a poem■, the column presents a story┘ how this or that poem was written. It▓s really interesting to, let▓s say, spy on the secret of poetry creation. We have" AKME's drawing - room " and our guests are actors, who write poems, modern foreign poets, composers, artists and interesting people.

Not only adults are gifted with poetry writing, children are sometimes more interesting and give a fresh view of everything happening in the world. That▓s why we have ⌠Little genius▓ nursery■. ⌠Introduction into poetry writing■ will tell one about theory of poetic craftsmanship.

⌠Bookshelf■ gives overview of the latest interesting books in poetry " Vernissage " presents modern artists and photographers. And we have just introduced: ⌠Verses for Children■, ⌠Humour■ and ⌠Small Prose■.

We are very much looking to become friends with you. We are sure that we have a lot to speak about. Should you wish to write us , we will be happy to answer!


Sincerely yours,

Chief editor 

Anna Bessmertnaia

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